About Sotirio’s 103


My name is Costas Sotiriou, I am the proprietor of Sotirio’s 103 Restaurant and Cabaret Venue, and have been for the last 22 years. I have always been in the catering business since I left school at 16, covering virtually all aspects of the hospitality trade. I will not bore you with too much detail, other than to say Sotirio’s is a very special venue that is dear to my heart. It is the only venue I own now after being involved in various other businesses and expansions, therefore all of our energies are focused on this restaurant.


At Sotirio’s we pride ourselves on a very friendly, personal and efficient service, serving high quality food and wines from all over the world.


I have always trained all of our staff to a high standard of service, friendliness whilst maintaining professionalism, and we strive to offer every customer the best and friendliest service possible.

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Call us to book on 01797 361603
or take a look at our upstairs Tapas Bar!